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A new path

A new path - Cheryl Cady

Couple of months ago my younger sister announced me and to the rest of our family, that she was quitting school. You could imagine that everyone was shocked to hear the news. She was an A student on her third year at McGill. What could have possible happened to her to make her drop her Bachelor program? No clue.

All she said was that she was tired of studying. She was opening her own business. She had partnered with one of old friends. They were planning to open a cupcake store. I did not even know that she could bake cupcakes or anything else. I didn’t recall seeing her in the kitchen. Ever! Except for the times she was looking for coffee or beer.

Since her teenage years, she was mostly inside of her bedroom. Whenever she was home, she would always spend the entire time within her “quarters”.

Obviously that her newly found vocation was not what my parents were expecting from her. Thus, they refused her their financial aid. Also they invited her to pay them rent. I kind of loved their attitude. I thought they would be yelling or worse begging her to change her mind, but no. They were so cool! Dad told her that he was proud of her courage and it was a bold move. Mom added that she was finally a grown up, ready to take care of her without their help. Then, they asked her to start paying rent, which she did.

When Annie came to ask me for a loan, I could not refuse her. I wanted to help her out. Though I gave her only a quarter of the amount she wanted. I knew that she would never pay me back, and that was fine. I did not care much about the money. I wanted her to become more responsible. I wanted her to grow up and understand that there were consequences for any of our actions.

I was convinced that her business would fail within the first six months, or even sooner. Annie was never good with money. As for her partner, she did not strike me as a good planner or being skilled. I assumed that she might be the baker since my sister did not know how to boil water until the age of fourteen.

This evening, when I returned home from my Dental cleaning Boisbriand, I noted Annie’s car on my driveway. She came to tell me the cupcake business started to pick up. She opened her purse and handed me an envelope containing the money I had landed her. I was really surprised. I guess I was wrong to doubt her skills.

À propos de l’auteur :


Hello everyone, my name is Cheryl! It gives me great pleasure to share my life as a mother and my work as an advertising editor with you. You will discover that I am not always diligent, but you have to understand that I also have three beautiful babies to deal with! That being said, don't worry, I drop by regularly! See you soon.