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Our New House

Our New House - Cheryl Cady

My husband and I have recently moved into what we thought was our dream house. Structurally it is everything that we hoped for and I love the garden and the décor so much that I don’t feel like we even have to think about changing it.

Still, we have run into one problem. It appears that the quality of the air in the place is far from good. It’s gotten to the point where we are seriously considering contacting some companies to conduct air quality testing Montreal, as we are both starting to notice that we are struggling a little bit.

I really have no idea what the source of the problem is and I am completely flummoxed as a result. We have already tried messing around with the air conditioning and we have even purchased a humidifier to absolutely no avail. I guess this is where and air quality testing company would come in handy, because they would know what they need to look for and hopefully they’ll be able to give us a little bit of advice about what we need to watch for in the future.

We still don’t really know they neighbours all of that well but we have spoken to a couple to see if they have any similar problems and to find out if they know any companies that conduct air quality testing that we could maybe use for ourselves. However, it appears that we are alone in our little dilemma and we haven’t been able to find out about any useful companies from any of the neighbours. They all seem to be as confused about the problem as we are.

So we have taken our search into the digital domain and we are currently looking for air quality testing companies online. There are a few that are dotted around the local area that we are thinking about giving a try, so the plan is to make a small list of people and have them come out to give us quotes over the next week or so. Hopefully we will be able to get the problem remedied in fairly short order.

All things considered it is a minor quibble seeing as the house itself is practically perfect in every other way. You can never have absolutely everything just the way you want it, but the money we need to spend to rectify the issue won’t be a problem at all.

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Hello everyone, my name is Cheryl! It gives me great pleasure to share my life as a mother and my work as an advertising editor with you. You will discover that I am not always diligent, but you have to understand that I also have three beautiful babies to deal with! That being said, don't worry, I drop by regularly! See you soon.