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Questions and answers

Questions and answers - Cheryl Cady

“-Mom, is candy cane a lollipop? Why is a microphone is called a microphone? What does extinct mean? How many times a dog sheds his hair? Do squirrels go to church? Is it true that owls love living in a haunted house? Why can’t I have another piece of chocolate? Can we buy ice cream for Goldie, our fish?” 

These are the questions my three years old (soon to be four) son addressed me within only two minutes after he woke up. That’s only one percent of the what’s about to come throughout the day. I forgot to mention that these questions were asked between two somersaults and while he was rushing down the stairs, towards the kitchen. 

There, we faced a new set of questions. Some even more intriguing, unexpected or quite hilarious. Life is never dull when you have a child running through the house in his pyjamas, wearing his rain boots and a cowboy hat on his head, covering his long curls. My little cowboy is a fan of Moana. In case you have kids, you probably know who I am talking about. If no, I will enlighten you. Moana is the character of a cartoon that was featured in the theatres at the beginning of this year. The main character of the computer-animated musical fantasy-adventure film is a Polynesian girl, named Moana. My son, adores one of the songs from this movie. All day long he is singing: “How far I’ll go”

Today, I had an appointment to see my Dentist Boisbriand. Since my mother was not feeling that well, she is fighting the cold for a few days now, I decided to take my son with me. I did not want to drop him at my mom’s and risk getting him sick. He has been through enough this winter! No more doctors and hospitals! At least, not for a while!

While we were in the waiting room at the clinic, waiting for my turn, I was playing quietly with my son. Although he was focused on our game, he was aware of his surroundings. He noted every single movement made by the other two patients who were in the lobby. He was intrigued by their outfit. He inquired about their clothing and their hair. He added that the two men looked funny. He was amused by the fact that they were wearing a tiny hat on top of their head. I explained that tiny thing he was referring to was called a kirpan and only some people, the jews, were wearing. I couldn’t go more into details about it, since I never mentioned anything about religion to him. Not yet.

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Hello everyone, my name is Cheryl! It gives me great pleasure to share my life as a mother and my work as an advertising editor with you. You will discover that I am not always diligent, but you have to understand that I also have three beautiful babies to deal with! That being said, don't worry, I drop by regularly! See you soon.