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Siblings or strangers?

Siblings or strangers? - Cheryl Cady

There is no greater joy for me, as a parent, than seeing my two sons playing happily together. The sound of their laughter, their warm voices and the silly things they do or say, make me the happiest person on Earth.

When I get the chance to spend an entire day at home with them, I try to plan the day ahead of time. I like to do all sorts of activities with them, from arts and crafts, scavengers’ hunts, finding treasure, nature walks/ hikes or trips to the city’s museums, theatres or libraries.

Now that they are grown it is easier to do all these things with them. I can simply put them in the car seats and drive somewhere without having to worry about their milk bottles or their meals. I like that I don’t have to cook separately for them. We all eat the same dish. That does not mean that I feed them outside all sorts of junk food all the time.

Each time that I look at them, memories from my childhood surge. I remember how my brother and I used to play in our old farm house in Glengarry. Those days we were so close. We enjoyed each other’s company. We could not imagine the world without each other.

Thirty years later, things changed dramatically. We no longer feel the same. Or to be more precise, he believes that I am no longer fit to give him advice on anything. Within the past year we met only once and that was an accident.

I was on my way back home from a Dental surgery Boisbriand and I stopped to pump gas on highway 40, close to Walmart. It happened that he was in the car in front of me. It was his wife’s car. Actually she was the one who saw me and called my name.

She had dyed her hair red and changed her look. I would not have recognized her in a million years. She had lost a lot of weight and looked much younger. Who would ever think that M. would fit in a pair of skinny jeans? Not me!

To get back to my brother, he did not even bother to get out of the car to give me a hug. We had a short polite conversation and I returned to my car asking myself how did we end up being so different? I can’t pinpoint exactly what determined him to adopt this behaviour.

It’s a shame that we are siblings living within the same city and we do not get along.

For this reason I am always encouraging my boys to be patient, loving and help each other all the time.

À propos de l’auteur :


Hello everyone, my name is Cheryl! It gives me great pleasure to share my life as a mother and my work as an advertising editor with you. You will discover that I am not always diligent, but you have to understand that I also have three beautiful babies to deal with! That being said, don't worry, I drop by regularly! See you soon.