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The surprise lunch

The surprise lunch - Cheryl Cady

If I knew that I would spend half of my evening listening to a boring conversation concerning the companies doing access control installation GTA, I would not have bothered to leave the house. Who knew that it will all be a big misunderstanding? Me believing it will be a romantic dinner, him thinking I will help get some new customers. What a waste of time! 

When I got to the restaurant, I was the first to arrive. The waiter invited me to take a seat at the table, saying that the others did not make it yet. I was surprised. I had no idea who were the others that he was talking about. I told him he had it all wrong. We were supposed to be only two persons. He checked my name again on his list of reservations and added that as far as he knew there was a table for ten persons, not two. 

Seeing that I was a bit off, he asked me if I would like to wait at the bar, instead of staying all alone at the table. I nodded my head and followed him towards the lounge area. I was about to text my friend when I heard his voice coming from the other side of the restaurant. I raised my eyes and I saw walking with two other men. 

The same waiter that attended to me, welcomed them and lead them to the table. I had no idea who the other two men were. It had to do something with his business. For a second or two I was tempted to leave. I did not think it was fair how he tricked me. He knew well that I no longer wished to work with him. I had made it quite clear to him. 

By the time I made up my mind, it was already too late for me to leave. The waiter must have said something to him about me, because he was on his way to me. He had his impeccable smile that I could not say: “No!” to. As soon as he got close to me, kissed me on my cheek, whispered some silly excuses on my left ear and swept me off my feet again. 

Before realizing it, I was on my way to the table, with him holding his hand around my waist. The other two men stood up and shook my hand, during the presentations. One of them added their partners were going to be another half an hour late and apologized on their behalf.

À propos de l’auteur :


Hello everyone, my name is Cheryl! It gives me great pleasure to share my life as a mother and my work as an advertising editor with you. You will discover that I am not always diligent, but you have to understand that I also have three beautiful babies to deal with! That being said, don't worry, I drop by regularly! See you soon.